Foot Wear
We carry shoes that are designed to help people with foot and body pain.



3D Body Scan

Custom Select Orthotics
We also have an exclusive method of building custom orthotics without the high cost of traditional plaster casting.

Custom Cast Orthotics
For patients that need precise correction, or complex offloading.  We also can bill your insurance.

Are Your feet out of alignment?

 Irregular posture and walking patterns affects your entire skeletal system.  The vast majority of back, leg, knee, and foot pain are results of bad alignment. Our advanced 3D software program will record your unique pattern of standing and walking. Measuring and analyzing these abnormalities is the first step in your treatment. 

Arch Fitters specializes in measuring and fitting arch supports and custom made orthotics.   We are an accredited medical clinic established for over 27 years.   We analyze your entire body, not just your feet.   With over 4 million arch supports sold, we have the combined experience and products for you. You can be cast for custom orthotics in Gresham and Portland, OR.  


Custom Made Orthotics 

Ready Made Arch Supports

We stock over 75 sizes, 6 times more than other stores do. We will fit you! 


Come in today and experience your free body scan and evaluation. Our pedorthist specialists will analyze and diagnose your issues. Our sales staff do not work on commission, so there is no pressure to buy. 

We are committed to meeting your needs and finding solutions that will satisfy you.